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Table Manners 2014

Table Manners is a body of work comprised of six videos where the artist, Ana Rebordão, performs different role models.

Part 1 - A woman looks at a bread suspiciously and covers her head with its paper bag. Throughout the action the viewer follows the woman's transformation - from what resembles to be a political prisoner to a big bad wolf that frightens our imagination. The woman hardly moves and the green background stands out.

Part 2 - A journalist moves her hand over a pizza package and looks seductively to the viewer. There is a growing tension, a construction of an unknown fear - is it harmless or potentially explosive? The uncanny emerges and circulates thanks to a dark humour.

Part 4 - A woman dressed in black licks an IKEA plate. 


Table Manners part 01, HD video 5'08'', 2014
Table Manners part 02, HD video 1'17'' (excerpt), 2014
Table Manners part 04, HD video 1'26'', 2014
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