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Dentro 2018-2023

Ana Rebordão is creating Tableaus Vivants with herself both in front of and behind the camera. It says something about the position of the gaze.

The connection to art history is intended. The abyss between darkness and light and the emotional brutality creates a fold with the Baroque, as Gilles Deleuze would have it.

In the series Dentro, Rebordão is approaching the greatest phantasme (Kristeva) of them all, the Madonna.

We watch Rebordão being both blessed and crucified. We see her breaking the maybe biggest taboo of them all, sexualizing her pregnant body. We see her playing with one of the attributes of the Madonna, the milk. We see her breaking another taboo in showing the mother’s power over her child, which is Rebordão’s own daughter.

The solemn scenes break up through Rebordão´s sly sense of humour, when she makes the ladies act out in absurd occupations. Or when she feeds her child with a plastic water gun.

We see a contemporary artist dealing with motherhood. She insists in being both.


Gertrud Sandqvist

Filmed at Inter Arts Center. Sound by Kent Olofsson.

Dentro - Exhibition view at Krognoshuset

2019 01 02 05.jpg

Dentro part 03, HD video, 8', 2019

dentro 04 09.tif

Dentro part 04, HD video, 13'50'', 2019

dentro 05 15.tif

Dentro part 05, HD video, 15', 2021

Dentro part 01, HD video, 2', 2018

poliptico ordem 04 01.00_02_24_21.Still005.jpg

Dentro part 02, HD video, 2'20'', 2018

Dentro, exhibition view, NO-NO gallery, 2023

Dentro, exhibition view, NO-NO gallery, 2023

Dentro, exhibition view, NO-NO gallery, 2023

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