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My work addresses an idea of danger and fear, since it formulates questions about destruction in the sphere of beliefs. Despite that, or because of that, believing is part of my creative process. I believe in a truth that is a body - impossible to control with fictional mechanisms - using the video as a medium in order to crystallize it, and using my body as an instrument in order to repeat it. I operate through intuition. 

From religion to the intimate, my works create a space that redefines these realities - the familiar crumbles when one receives the unknown. I believe that my videos are presenting a narcissistic emptiness - the space of separation and rejection - an ephemeral state of destruction, superficiality and humour absolutely necessary for a being to come; A site.

By using the video format I believe I can pressure, prolong and parody some contemporary pathologies. My performances are visual; I see my actions within a frame.

My videos are an oeuvre with a domestic contour. Most of the times, the viewer is invading a private space where he or she does not belong. It is a poisoned invitation to see a woman by herself, for herself, and letting go of herself by performed acts. It is a figure expressing a certain truth within a certain lie. The work sets-up an enigma, a sense of trauma.

As an artist, I intend to create a language that is constantly renewing itself. I absorb what the world is giving, and I transform it. I offer symptoms and knowledge that are part of a perpetual construction of a psyche - in a mode where lucidity emerges from madness, and where consciousness is developed thanks to transferences of love, and is settled by sublimation.

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